Teaching problem solving in Math: Dos & Don’ts
Teaching problem solving in Math: Dos & Don’ts

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Math is such a subject that forms the foundation on the study of science. As such having a solid understanding on the mathematic concepts is immensely crucial. However, it is a general picture that students faces problems while asked to solve math problems. These lacunas are to b given immediate attention so that the problem do not turns graver.
A competent home tutor can offer the best assistance to learn problem solving
Hiring a private tutor can be a smart move to consolidate the conceptualization and the understanding of the fundamentals. However, the math tutor needs to ensure that he is taking an approach that would handhold the students to identify the problems that hey might be suffering and accordingly, those problems get offered with the appropriate solutions. This article shall discuss those dos and don’ts that the tutors need to comply with.
• You should always start working on the problems with the comparatively easier problems and gradually move towards the critical ones
• Give you taught home assignments on regular basis so that they can practice the problem solving daily.
• In case, your student is experiencing problems on any concept or topic, offer solution to those lacuna as early as possible.
• As a tutor you have to show you students the tricks to solve the problems but you should never encourage them to mug the solutions that you would be working for them.
• You should never be a critic of your student’s shortcoming as it can severely damage their confidence. is an app that you can use to get in tough with the best of the home tutors for your children. These tutors would be highly qualified and experienced in teaching students across various standards o academic classes. The payable fees would be nominal and you can be assured that your ward would get the best of guidance.