The Perils of Plagiarism for College Students
The Perils of Plagiarism for College Students

The stress and competition involved in modern life, and particularly in the field of higher education,

can be enough to make some people feel like they have very few options. When a student is under

pressure from family, friends, and professors, they may take desperate measures to make sure their

assignment is turned in on time. All of this pressure can lead to plagiarism, and it can be very

harmful or embarrassing either right now or later in life.

Plagiarism – Now and Later

It may seem like an easy fix at the moment, and a fast way of freeing up your time for other things,

but plagiarism is also very easy to track down. There are many tools available online – and some

that are reserved just for teachers – such as an essay checker that will easily catch you out if anyone

bothers to check on your work. These tools work well, even if you copy and paste from multiple

different sources, so you will inevitably get caught if you make a habit out of copying other people’s

Even if you do not get caught plagiarizing right now, and your assignment somehow slips through

the cracks while being reviewed, you are still not off the hook just yet. What happens in college

stays with you for the rest of your life. You don’t have to be running for President of the United

States to have your college life scrutinized by others, and if any potential future employer finds out

about your plagiarism it could have extremely damaging results to your career.

It’s Becoming More Popular

Unfortunately, it seems that plagiarism will not be going away any time soon, no matter how easy it

is now for people to get caught. Some of the factors contributing to this copy and paste culture are

the high cost of tuition these days, and also the amount of students who are participating in online

courses. These internet-based learning centers are, by their very nature, far less personal than a

traditional face-to- face college environment. Students feel as if they are more anonymous online,

while also having greater access to material from which to copy, so it leads to more plagiarism.

The reasons for this rise in popularity all make sense in a way, and are understandable motivators,

but they don’t actually excuse the behavior at all. Yes, college tuition is expensive, and you want to

feel like you have got something for your money, but you could also lose it all and get yourself a

bad reputation by stealing.

Saving Time the Right Way

If you are severely cramped for time, and you absolutely must offload some of your work so that

you can focus on other things, then there are other methods to turn to that doesn’t involve

plagiarism. For example, there are many organizations made up of professional writers who will

craft the perfect paper for you to turn in, for a fee of course. These organizations are dedicated to

giving you unique, non-plagiarized and confidential writing services so that you can be comfortable

and know that it will just be your little secret.

At the end of the day, you need to make sure that you are thinking about the future, and thinking

about the embarrassment and harm to your career that could come about as a result of plagiarism. It

is simply not worth it as a quick fix to what could become a long-term complication.