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Tutoring Jobs- What is Tutree?

Tutoring helps a student understands a subject that they otherwise would have difficulty with in school. Tutoring enriches students’ lives. Tutree allows tutors (you) looking for tutoring gigs/jobs to have your services announced to all the students in your local area so that students can find you and schedule a session with you with a single tap! Tutree matches tutors with students near them. Students request a tutoring session through our smartphone app. You receive the tutoring job request on your iphone, it gives you the flexibility to choose from multiple time slots, there by optimizing your time. If you are busy then you don’t have to accept the request. If you are free and want to make money you can tutor as much as you want.Whether you’re trying to offset college costs, or fund your spring break trip, Tutree will be always there. So, go ahead- Be your own boss without having to worry about scheduling, reminders and payments. Tutree will be your personal secretary while you just do what you enjoy the most- helping students.

How Tutree- Tutor works
  • Select a time slot and accept the session.
  • Press on the way and arrive at the requested session location.
  • Start and End the session. Get paid automatically.
  • Share your promo code with community to earn referral money.

Tutoring Jobs- Why Tutree?



We know you are busy, that is why our students give you multiple time options to choose a session from. If you don’t have time you don’t have to tutor!


Question Preview

Student will send pictures of their sample problems to help you decide if you can help, resulting in perfect matches and better ratings for you. It will maximize your earnings!


Time management

The app algorithm automatically keeps tab of all your bookings without you having to think before choosing and accepting a tutoring request and hence acting as your personal secretary!


Make new friends

The Tutree community is full of awesome, friendly students and tutors

Rules of Tutree

To ensure the best learning experience for the tutees and your success with Tutree we do have a few rules.

Arrive on time to your Tutree sesh once you’ve been matched. You will get a reminder half an hour before the tutoring session. You can notify the student from with the app when you start. For some reason if student cancels you don’t have to go.

No Cash

Don’t take any cash from students or entertain Tutree students approaching you from outside the app. Our algorithm will revoke your tutoring privileges if you have unspecified number of one time sessions.

Don’t Cheat

If your student asks you to just give them answers, explain the concept and help them solve the problem. Tutree takes Academic Honesty very seriously. Our main goal is to make world a smarter place!

If you violate these rules, our algorithm will know, and it will rank you down or revoke your ability to tutor depending on number of violations. So don’t do it!
* $20/ hour base rate + $5 referral for every student who uses your promo code





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