How Tutree Works

Where do I enter my promo code?

Where do I enter my promo code?

Right before sending a session request you will see “Enter Promo Code” field. Just enter the promo code you have and press Apply.

Please note that some codes, are designed to be for first-time users. This means that you need to enter your code before your first Tutree tutoring session has ended. If you got a promotional code and did not enter it before your first Tutree ended, you can always share the Tutree love and pass it along to a friend!


How do I apply my Tutree credits?

There’s no work on your part! Tutree credits are automatically applied before the card on file is charged. You can always check your email receipt, as it will state whether credits were used.

You can see how many credits you have on your account at the bottom of the payment screen. Any visible credits will be applied towards your Tutree tutoring session, unless otherwise specified.

Do Tutree credits carry over?

Yes! Tutree Credits are good for unlimited tutoring sessions. More Tutree love you share with your friends and community more Tutree credit you can earn and more free Tutoring you can enjoy to Earn better grades eventually!

Can I Ask Students for their Contact Information?

As a tutor, you should never ask for the contact information of a student. If students are interested in staying in touch, it is up to them to ask for your contact information or offer you theirs.

Refer Students and Get Rewarded

New student referrals are a key way of growing the Tutree community, and we appreciate tutors spreading the word

What is my tutor referral code?

You should receive an email stating what your unique referral code is. If you didn’t get the email, simply open the Tutree app, navigate to the “Earn More $$” feature, and then your referral code will be displayed there.

How does my referral code work?

Share your personal referral code with friends, family, distant cousins, strangers at the grocery check out line — anyone who is completely new to Tutree, and has never taken a tutoring session before. Give them your code and let them know to enter it in the Payments section of the app before their first Tutree session request. Referral codes expire 30 days after being entered — a tutoring session sooner is better than a tutoring session later!.

How much is my code worth for students?

At the moment, your personal referral codes give each new student 15% off on a tutoring session. For each eligible person you refer, you’ll get $5 added to your tutor deposit! Occasionally, we do promos and contests that may alter the amount a tutor will receive.

When will I get my $5 bonus?

You’ll receive your $5bonus once the person you referred has successfully taken and finalized their tutoring session using your referral code.

How many people can I refer to Tutree with my code?

As many as you’d like!

If I am teaching a student, can I give them my code?

At that point, your student has already been matched with you and won’t be able to redeem your code. You can tell them to give your code to friends who’ve never used Tutree before, or if there are any friends of the requesting student studying with them who haven’t used Tutree before, feel free to give out your code for their next tutoring sessions!

Where can I post my referral code?

Spread the Tutree love like wildfire! Feel free to post your code to any of your personal social media channels — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Where can I post my referral code?

Spread the Tutree love like wildfire! Feel free to post your code to any of your personal social media channels — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

My Phone is Getting Bad Service

Cell phone connectivity is a common challenge for all Tutree tutors, since every cellular network has different service areas in each city.

Here are some common indications of poor connectivity:

  • You receive a missed Tutree text notification even though you never saw the request
  • Your app doesn’t respond when you tap buttons
  • Your app is counting down, but it won’t allow you to tap to accept the request
  • You cannot start or end a Tutree session

Here are some helpful tips to improve connectivity:

Move locations. You could be in a dead spot that your carrier doesn’t serve, or a spot with a weak connection

Toggle Airplane Mode or force quit your app. By turning it on and off, you will restart your connection

What Should I do if I End the Tutoring session too Early?

Finish the whole hour and send us a message with the following information:

  • The student’s name
  • Tutoring time

Ask student to do the same. Email us from the app itself or

How do I pay for Tutree tutoring sessions?

Paying for your Tutree tutoring sessions is done entirely through the app, and is completely cash-free! When you log in to the app for the first time, you will be asked to input your payment information.

Once a tutoring session is complete, Tutree app will automatically process the payment.

How do I use my Tutree credits?

If there are Tutree credits in your account, they will be applied to your tutoring session automatically. After credits are used up, the card on file will be charged. Your tutoring session receipt will list the credits that were used and how much was charged to your card.

How do I choose which credit card gets charged?

If you have more than one credit card in the app, you can choose which one will be used for the tutoring session by setting it as the primary card at any point before submitting your payment.

Can Tutree tutors accept cash?

It is against Tutree’s Terms of Use to accept cash on the Tutree platform, even for tips. The app is specially designed to let tutors focus on interacting with the student, not a financial transaction. That’s why students are required to enter a credit card before requesting a tutoring session. Keeping it cash-free makes Tutree safer and easier for both tutors and students.

How can I get a receipt for my tutoring session?

You will be emailed a receipt for every tutoring session. Each receipt shows the amount charged to your credit card for the tutoring session. The receipt will be sent to the email you signed up with (your Facebook email if you signed up with Facebook).

How much does Tutree cost?

$39.99/ hour. You can earn unlimited free tutree credit by sharing the Tutree love with your friends!

What other students are saying :

  • Tovia

    Pranay@tutree explained the concepts of rotational inertia and energy to me in about 10 mins. I got more out of those 10 mins than the entire lecture on the subject from my professor.



  • Evan

    Ever since I started studying somewhat regularly with Tutree tutors, my quiz grades have gone from 75 to 90 and now 100!!!! Tutree is wonderful, useful, flexible, lets me get a tutor in minutes which is SO convenient!


    UC Davis

  • Emily

    Tutree is awesome. The most useful on-demand service ever! Before using Tutree I got a C on my first midterm because its hard to get a tutor; after getting help from John@tutree I got an A in my physics class! The physics class was the third in a series at UCLA. Highly recommend him.