Meet Peer Tutors At School- In Minutes, In- Person!

When it comes to finding the right supplemental educational assistance, one of the best and most economical methods available is in-person tutoring with a peer tutor. Tutree provides an app that allows students or parents to find and schedule a local, qualified peer tutor- at a tap of a button. You can find a math tutor, physics tutor, reading tutor, writing tutor and tutors of any and all subjects thanks to our extensive number of vetted and qualified, local peer tutors who live within our community. Tutree app helps you get the right tutor for your needs as well as benefits the peer tutor who can receive the request, ascertain the address of the student and have details provided by your request. In short, Tutree In-person tutoring app is the perfect solution for bringing together students and tutors in a community. Tutree solves your problem of spending hours and hundreds of dollars to find a tutor. Now you can get tutor and a Mentor in minutes at a tap of a button!


If you are a parent or student looking for tutors in your area, the Tutree app is here for you. Just follow the simple, three-step process after downloading our app and you’ll have the tutor you need.

1. Locate tutors near you

You can use the app to find tutors in your area in the subject that you need. Just one tap means that you can find a qualified tutor who has knowledge of your subject.

Math Help

2. Tutor comes to you

You’ll receive notification of when your tutor is leaving to come to you which means you can get ready and be prepared when they arrive.


3. Study in person and pay

Now you can study with a qualified tutor and payment is done automatically from the phone after the session has ended.


What other students are saying :

  • Tovia

    Pranay@tutree explained the concepts of rotational inertia and energy to me in about 10 mins. I got more out of those 10 mins than the entire lecture on the subject from my professor.



  • Evan

    Ever since I started studying somewhat regularly with Tutree tutors, my quiz grades have gone from 75 to 90 and now 100!!!! Tutree is wonderful, useful, flexible, lets me get a tutor in minutes which is SO convenient!


    UC Davis

  • Emily

    Tutree is awesome. The most useful on-demand service ever! Before using Tutree I got a C on my first midterm because its hard to get a tutor; after getting help from John@tutree I got an A in my physics class! The physics class was the third in a series at UCLA. Highly recommend him.